Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

This revolutionary non-invasive treatment uses a pulsating electromagnetic field in varying frequencies and intensities. It can help you manage pain associated with various bone-related conditions, injuries, and other forms of chronic pain.
PEMF Therapy received FDA clearance in 1982 to promote the healing of bone fractures and is in the process of being cleared for many more uses.

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Relax body and mind

BodySound™ technology consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable delivery platform, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations, and electromagnetic fields to produce profound relaxation, stress reduction and facilitate personal growth. During your sessions, you will enter a deep meditative state. 

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The most advanced technology

Bio Photon 100 Professional uses a powerful wave of light to penetrate the skin, tissue, and surrounding nerves to treat soft tissue injuries, reduce pain, promote wound healing, and provide therapy for chronic conditions such as arthritis and failed back syndrome. Before and after, infrared images of the treated area show increased blood circulation, allowing the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

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A breath of fresh air for your health 

Ozone therapy is a one-of-a-kind technique that is both detoxifying and healing. It promotes the amount of oxygen in the body by administering ozone into the body with various methods. This therapy is useful for disinfecting blood and treating diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, macular degeneration, and autoimmune disorders.

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A natural antibiotic

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) is a safe, proven medical procedure that kills bacteria and viruses, aids the immune system, and rejuvenates blood properties. It uses ultraviolet energy to increase the blood’s oxygen level and inactivate microbes and toxins, promoting healing as a natural antibiotic. A patient’s blood is drawn, run through a device exposing it to ultraviolet rays, then returned to the patient’s vein.

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